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Add a revenue stream to YOUR BUSINESS?

We receive calls from around the country and world asking for biliblanket rentals.  It breaks our hearts when we cannot provide a biliblanket to someone in need who’s outside of our immediate location.  That’s why we created this opportunity for existing DME and home health businesses to license our brand.

what are the next steps?

If you’re a DME or Home Health business and are interested in licensing the Bili Blanket Rental brand in your location, please feel free to contact us at 855-255-2454 or send us an email if you’d like at

We have the systems and processes to help you quickly get a rental business up and running in your hometown.

why biliblanket rental?

a lasting source of revenue

Babies will always be born and since hyperbilirubinemia is such a common condition, we expect our service to be in HIGH demand for years to come.

we've done most of the work up front

We have put marketing plans and operational systems and processes in place to help each licensee be successful.  If you are currently accepting insurance, biliblanket rentals can be a great door opener for your other profitable products and services. 

you could help make a difference

By becoming a licensee of the Bili Blanket Rental brand, you’ll be helping us achieve our mission of being a reliable resource for parents who have newborns with baby jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia) to BE HOME BONDING with FAMILY.

Call, Email or WhatsApp us at: