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Jaundice Treatment

Our 4th baby on bili lights!

Shown here is our fourth child receiving treatment on a biliblanket for jaundice.  We love being able to hold, feel and bond with the baby while receiving treatment.  Our little “glow worm” was able to stay on the lights 24/7 which warmed our hearts.

By now we were “old pro’s” as all three of our other children had jaundice treatment.  The first child was in the hospital which was annoying.  The second had to go in the hospital as well, this time the NICU.  It was not a great experience to say the least.  The first ten days of his life was “under lights” with minimal holding/feeding/bonding time.  We had to really work hard to have the neonatologists release us for Christmas!  Our hearts were devastated.

Our third child came and needed treatment as well. The only provider in the Austin area was closed on weekends!  At this point we realized the need was “real” and we could provide a solution.  BiliBlanket Rentals was created!  We simply made ourselves available when the baby needed us, not when we decided to work!

It has truly been a blessing to be in this business.  Providing phototherapy, a biliblanket for the treatment of jaundice in newborns in the Houston area is all this business is focused on.  Knowing we are proving a solution for parents to be home warms our hearts.

We continue to expand nationally as demand pulls us to that location.  Soon Chicago, Michigan, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Florida will have licensee’s able to provide treatment.  Stay tuned as we work with entrepreneurs to help them create their own business.