Our Process is Simple

2 simple steps to securing your EQUIPMENT rental.

AFTER Receipt of prescription/Order from your medical professional…
1. Click Here to Sign our Agreement. (Takes you to “Sign Request”)
2. We will call to Pre-Authorize $600 on a credit or Debit Card.
  • We charge a daily rental fee of $150. Minimum of 2 days.  When you return the machine (cut off is 3pm),  we will capture the total days and release, if any, amount back to your card.
  • Example 1:  Pick up on Monday.  Return on Wednesday by 3PM. Total of 2 rental days.  Total fee of $300 will be captured.
  • Example 2: Pick up Tuesday.  Return Friday at 7PM.  Total of 4 rental days.  $600 will be captured.
Curious about Insurance?  Click the button Below for additonal information.

Setting up the skylife at home

About The Cloud Cover

Skylife CloudCover™ was designed with patient safety at the forefront. Each Skylife CloudCover safely holds babies and provides access to the patients PICC and umbilical lines by utilizing custom designed swaddle access windows.