Our Process is Simple

two steps

1. Click Here to Sign our Agreement. (Takes you to “Sign Request”)
2. We will charge $295 on a Credit Card. (non refundable convenience fee of 3.5% included)
  • We charge a daily rental fee of $95. When you return the machine (cut off is 3pm),  we will total the days and refund, if any, amount back to your card. If beyond 3 days, you authorize us to charge the card on file.

(Example 1:  Pick up on Monday, return on Wednesday by 3PM. Total of 2 rental days.  Total of $95 will be returned.)

(Example 2: Pick up Tuesday, return Saturday at 7PM.  Total of 5 rental days.  An additional 2 days will be charged to your card on file.)

(Example 3: Pick up Tuesday, return Wednesday by 3PM.  Total of 1 rental day. Total of $180 will be returned.)

Curious about Health Insurance Reimbursement?  Click here for additonal information about reimbursement.

Please watch this video on “How to Use” the SkyLife.

Updating your estate plan is important with your addition.  We recommend LegalShield. We’ve used the plans for over 9 years and found them very cost effective.

Our other company is Catalano Financial owned by Peter Catalano. Click here to learn more about Life Insurance.