Our Process is Simple

two steps

1. Click Here to Sign our Agreement. (Takes you to “Sign Request”)
2. We will charge $405 on a Credit Card. (non refundable convenience fee of 3.5% will be added)
  • We charge a daily rental fee of $135. When you return the machine (cut off is 3pm),  we will total the days and refund, if any, amount back to your card. If beyond 3 days, you authorize us to charge the card on file.

(Example 1:  Pick up on Monday, return on Wednesday by 3PM. Total of 2 rental days.  Total of $135 will be returned.)

(Example 2: Pick up Tuesday, return Saturday at 7PM.  Total of 5 rental days.  An additional 2 days will be charged to your card on file.)

(Example 3: Pick up Tuesday, return Wednesday by 3PM.  Total of 1 rental day. Total of $270 will be returned.)

Curious about Health Insurance Reimbursement?  Click here for additonal information about reimbursement.

Please watch this video on How to Use the SkyLife.

Parent Resources and Cool Products


Updating your estate plan is important with your addition.  We recommend LegalShield. LegalShield is innovating and disrupting the traditional legal system; a system that is expensive, complicated and time consuming. Through technology and their provider law firm network, legal access is now simple, easy and affordable.  An updated Will, Medical Directive and Power of Attorney is included in their membership plans.  

Catalano Financial

Under the careful and watchful eye of your Trusted Financial Advisor, your team will design your custom written lifetime financial plan, put your plan into action, monitor your plan, and meet with you regularly to keep you on track. This is done to ensure that your financial house will always be in perfect order and stays that way. 

Blessed Baby Blankets

These baby blankets are made up of 30% cotton and 70% bamboo fiber, this mix doubles the softness, while offers a stretch so you’ll swaddle your baby without immobilizing him, keep him snug comfortably just like the cozy and comfy feeling within the womb. It creates a continuously warm environment for your little one no matter when and where. This baby blanket can also be used as a play mat, a changing mat, a burp cloth, a baby towel, a nursing cover. You will love to cuddle up together with your baby wrapped in this blanket. It’s not too heavy, not too light, and perfectly warm for newborns. Machine washable safe and the blankets get softer after each wash. You will love to cuddle up together with your baby wrapped in this blanket.